MSW Management’s Best of 2018


As we close the books on 2018, let’s revisit MSW Management’s top posts and stories for the year.

These blog posts received more comments and views than any others from MSW Management in 2018.

This Is No Laughing Matter

One of my favorite cable TV stations is Comedy Central. Among the shows that I watch is “The Jim Jeffries Show.” I had it on the other day, but I wasn’t really watching because it was the time of day when everyone in my family is getting home from school or just finishing the work day and we were all engrossed in finding out what’s for dinner, who’s going to make it or who’s going to pick it up, who will clean up after dinner, and what are the plans for after dinner. Then, Jim Jeffries uttered a single word that caught my attention. Recycling.  Continue Reading

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Trash Girl

Nadia Sparkes is 12 years old. She lives in a village called Hellesdon northeast of London in the UK. Bullies at her school call her “Trash Girl.” They call her that because when she rides her bicycle to and from school, she picks up trash on the 2-mile route using the basket on her bike. When bullying her, they tell her it’s her job to pick up their garbage.

This is what she told her local newspaper, the Eastern Daily Press:

“I’m not going to stop doing the right thing because of them, and if they are going to call me Trash Girl, they can say it with respect. I’m doing something to protect the world they also live in. It’s everyone’s job. We are all responsible for keeping this world safe, instead of believing that it’s always someone else’s job.”  Continue Reading

Trash Girl
Photo by Creative Nation

From the pages of MSW Management online magazine, this article by Neal Bolton received the most views from search traffic.

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Credit: Neal Bolton

Dirty MRF pickline

Landfill Manager’s Notebook: Recycling—It’s Time to Grow Up

In our industry, we are all familiar with the phrase “integrated waste management”—a term that is generally understood to include the full spectrum of collections, processing, diversion, transfer, and disposal. In this particular column, I’d like to touch on the topic of diversion—that’s right, recycling. Continue Reading

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