Through the Eyes of a Child

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One of the best parts of my former days as a TV news reporter was making visits to schools and talking to students about what I did for a living. It gave me a huge sense of community, instilled a great sense of pride for my job, and, admittedly, it boosted my ego. 

Not a whole lot of working people get to experience those thrills by simply doing their job and doing it well. So when I hear of a three-year-old little boy who happens to love waste collection trucks and even has his own little toy fleet of them, I have to pass the story on to anyone who will listen. I especially want those working in the MSW industry to see this. 

Kudos to the local CBS affiliate in Dallas, TX, for chasing down the story of three-year-old Oliver Sharp. This toddler is obsessed with waste collection trucks. He’s such a huge fan that word spread around his hometown of Garland, TX, and a visit was arranged for Oliver and his parents to their local waste facility. 

It may not be a big deal to you, but give the video a look and it may make you feel like a hero.    

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