Today’s Compliance Requirements Demand Intelligent Odor Control Systems


Odor emissions and their impact on air quality is one of the most significant factors of concern for MSW operations.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency receives a significant amount of complaints about landfill odors, although oversight is conducted at the state and local level with regulations differing in each area.

A new SCADA-based system has been developed that serves the task of odor mitigation through vapor-phase odor control, while also reducing manpower needs by leveraging smart technology.

In an effort to provide the solid waste industry with the most comprehensive and effective odor mitigation on the market Byers Scientific & Manufacturing have provided this report Intelligent Odor Control, which explains the problems and solutions that come up when neutralizing odors.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How operators can respond proactively to real-time alerts regarding low deodorizer levels before odors manifest
  • Why it’s important to have detailed data on odor mitigation activities
  • How odor data provides a positive return on investment

Ultimately, compliance is key to a positive relationship with a solid waste operation’s relationship with the community. To find out how you can improve air quality compliance at your facility, download this report now.