Kaiser Permanente Waste Sustainability Challenge

Kaiser Permanente is seeking ideas, concepts, processes, and potential solutions that could be implemented to reduce the regulatory, environmental, and financial risks associated with our waste management and disposal processes in California.

The healthcare provider is particularly interested in:

Simplifying waste collection processes and reducing the risk of disposal of non-compliant items in municipal solid waste via innovative collection, treatment or disposal processes.

Providing more efficient waste collection and segregation processes that simplifies decision making for staff or others that generate waste.

Utilizing innovative waste collection, treatment and disposal processes and technologies that enhance the amount of waste that is eliminated, recycled, reused, or converted. Kaiser Permanente has established a goal to recycle, reuse, or compost 100% of our non-hazardous, non-infectious waste by 2025. While there are differences between municipal and healthcare environments, many of the issues both face are similar, thus MSW Management takes pleasure in presenting the Challenge to you in anticipation of your interest in and participation in the activity.

Some of the financial and regulatory issues that Kaiser Permanente face may be industry and California-specific, but in the broader sense, we hope you will see the Challenge as an opportunity not only to assess healthcare waste considerations, but perhaps apply those findings to your own activities as well.

Please go to https://wastechallenge.kaiserpermanente.org/ to view the Kaiser Permanente Waste Sustainability Challenge.

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