The Younger Generation

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I can’t remember exactly when I stopped being a member of “the younger generation” but I know it was quite a while ago. Now, I belong to the generation that’s thinking about how to get millennials, and those that follow, interested in the waste industry.

I’m counting on this new younger generation to come up with the solutions to some of the problems the industry faces. I also think that they’re needed as industry investors to keep the business of waste robust.

Katherine Ross of recently interviewed John Morris, the COO of Waste Management. The headline for the article reads, “Waste Management Wants Millennials to See the Good in Garbage.” Morris offered insight into what might draw investment dollars from the millennial generation. But the interview covered much more than that. Ross asked about different wastestream materials, landfill management, alternative fuels for collection vehicles, and more. Morris provided her with a good amount of perspective.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

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