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Whenever I drive to an unfamiliar destination, I make sure that I know where I’m going. I’m not one to just “feel” my way there. I need to map it out with step-by-step directions. It eases stress, instills confidence, and lets me plan and organize.

This year’s WASTECON 2019 in Phoenix, AZ, offers details on the direction of improvements in recycling performance as well as a plan for the future. It’s evident from the lineup of keynote speakers that are recycling industry experts and innovative leaders.

Here are just a few of the keynote speakers:

Jon Vander Ark, President of Republic Services Inc., kicks off the conference by discussing how to turn recycling into a resilient business with his address, “Forging a New Path to a Sustainable Recycling Model.”

Peter C. Wright, the Assistant Administrator of the EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM), has insights into OLEM’s work in his address, “Framework for Recycling in the U.S.”

Harvey Gershman, the Founder and Owner Associate & Co-Founder of Gershman, Brickner, & Bratton Inc. (GBB), will share his award-winning insights on balancing recycling, sustainability, and community engagement in his Lawrence Lecture address.

And David Biderman, SWANA’s Executive Director and CEO, discusses several important new SWANA worker safety and health initiatives.

You can read about SWANA’s new Hauler Safety Outreach program in Jesse Maxwell’s “Seeing Safety is Believing Safety” article in this issue.

You should also check out the article from HDR’s Annette Scotto and Michael Hughes, “Is Recycling a Fraud? Why Should I Bother?” which offers insight into the role social media can play in educating the public on the true nature and processes of recycling.

David Biderman says, “I am very excited that WASTECON will offer a range of inspiring and informative keynote speakers, including industry leaders such as Jon Vander Ark, Republic’s new President, newly confirmed EPA Assistant Administrator Peter Wright, and several interactive sessions that will help participants enhance their leadership skills.”

As it says on the “WASTECON 2019: Pathway to Innovation” web page, you’ll obtain “the tools, information, and space to create a personalized learning experience that draws on the creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills of you and your team.”

Take notes and enjoy the conference as it makes more familiar the ­destinations and directions we should all be heading. 

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