Spring 2019 = Awards season for BOSON ENERGY

Boson Press


During the spring, BOSON ENERGY has claimed double Red Herring 100 wins in Europe and North America.

We also landed first price in CapGemini Invent's '#WhatsNext in Cleantech' pitch contest at Vivatech in Paris in May.

Boson Press

BOSON ENERGY SA develops and commercializes distributed technology that allows for clean, affordable and reliable conversion of waste and low-value biomass into power, heat, and greenhouse-gas-free cooling for direct local use – as well as demand-response use if combined with storage of power and thermal energy. Waste is a fuel produced everywhere and BOSON ENERGY offers a unique way to use local waste to reduce urban stress and build autonomy, resilience, and circularity in cities of all means. BOSON ENERGY was founded in 2008 and is currently developing commercial projects in Germany, Poland, Israel, UK, US, and India. BOSON ENERGY is a winner of 2019 Red Herring 100 Awards for both Europe and North America.

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