BIOCHAR: A Healthy Investment

Interested in producing BioChar? BioChar can be used in a wide range of applications, including soil amendment, plant growth, and water retention. Download and read the free report to find out how to produce it!

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This free report, "BIOCHAR: A Healthy Investment," outlines the case for air curtain burner systems, which are the best and only machines tested to meet EPA standards and other high-level environmental agencies around the globe. Learn how Air Curtain Burners are a key tool in eliminating wood and vegetative waste quickly, cleanly and responsibly, while creating valuable by-products like BioChar that improve soil health.  Download this important free report and learn:

  • What BioChar is and why it's a valuable by-product 
  • How Air Burners machines allow cities to extend the working life of landfills
  • The significant advantages of Power Generating FireBox as compared to other biomass energy systems

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