Updated Version 3.2 of LMOP’s LFGcost-Web Model


The U.S. EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) is pleased to announce an update of its Landfill Gas Energy Cost Model, LFGcost-Web.

LFGcost-Web, Version 3.2, replaces Version 3.1 (published in November 2016). Significant revisions between Version 3.2 and Version 3.1 of LFGcost-Web include:

  • Added ability to estimate job creation and regional economic ripple effects for the following two project types: electricity generation with standard reciprocating engine-generator sets and direct-use.
  • Updated reference sources for calculating electricity prices and avoided CO2 grid factors based on 2017 Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) regional electricity grids.
  • Updated default user inputs in Appendix A.

The updated model and User’s Manual can be downloaded from the LMOP website.

LFGcost-Web is a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet tool for performing preliminary economic analyses of prospective landfill gas (LFG) energy projects. The model calculates LFG generation profiles based on landfill characteristics and other user inputs. Using the calculated LFG profiles, or user-defined project sizes, the model estimates the cost to construct, operate and maintain the project.

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LFGcost-Web provides various project-specific outputs for 12 LFG energy project types as well as an LFG collection and flaring system. These outputs include costs associated with constructing and operating an LFG energy project, other finance parameters and estimates of potential greenhouse gas emission reductions.

In addition to estimating the cost and environmental benefits of a specific project, with this updated version, LFGcost-Web now also estimates the regional job creation and economic ripple effects resulting from constructing and operating a standard reciprocating engine-generator or direct-use project. More specifically, the model estimates the total number of jobs created within the state, the impact on earnings and the total state-wide economic output, considering ripple effects. These outputs are presented for both the construction phase and the operational phases of the project.

Analyses performed using LFGcost-Web are considered estimates and should be used for guidance only. Msw Bug Web

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