Convenience & constancy of 24/7 grid power with lower amp draws       

GLEN ELLYN, IL – Blackhawk Technology Company, the industry’s pumping-innovation leader for more than 25 years, introduces a new line of low-profile electric piston pumps for applications not requiring the performance metrics of Blackhawk’s popular Anchor Electric models.

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The Apollo-AC Electric Piston Pump is designed in response to customers’ desire for a grid-power version of the highly regarded Apollo Solar Piston Pumpand its simple, linear-rod driver.

In addition to lower prices and lower amp draws, the Apollo-AC combines the convenience and constancy of 24/7 grid power with the reliability, low maintenance and easy installation that define Apollo pumps.  Model 101 operates to depths of 400 feet (122 m) with flows to 1.1 gpm (4.1 lpm).  Model 102 offers flows to 2.7 gpm (10.2 lpm) at depths to 175 feet (53.3 m).

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As with other Blackhawk top-head-drive piston pumps, all power and driver mechanical components are cleanly and safely above the wellhead. There is no high-pressure air or electricity introduced below surface grade.  The pumps, which are not affected by changes in differential pressure either in the bore or on the surface, are environmentally friendly and do not emit greenhouse gases.

The Apollo-AC Electric employs a 3/8-hp, 24v DC motor operating from converted AC grid electricity.  The unit can be installed at any angle to horizontal and pumps virtually anything flowable. Msw Bug Web

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