Your Plastic Footprint

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So many of us are in the business of recycling. We’re all trying to do our part in figuring out how to deal with plastic product manufacturing, plastic waste collection, and plastic recycling. In the year and a half or so since China’s National Sword went into effect, countless adjustments and strategies have been implemented to manage the so-called recycling that we are no longer sending to China. 

No doubt, these are important solutions and operating methods. And I’m sure that we’ll keep working to improve the situation. But maybe it’s time for a little introspective investigation on an individual level. 

How much of a plastic footprint are you creating? 

Here is a plastic footprint calculator from (Click the link to visit.)


By knowing our own personal contribution to the proliferation and disposal of plastic, we may gain a more acute sense of the problems we face. That could lead to more innovative strategies and solutions. 

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