One American Company’s Solution to a Global Problem

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Sarepta, LA – IntegriCo Composites is a United States-based company addressing the global recycling problem. Over 90 percent of plastic becomes waste worldwide, and over 34 million metric tons of plastics are sent to a landfill or incinerated in the U.S. and Canada each year. IntegriCo is one company rising to the challenge to reduce this number in the United States by developing better solutions for the accumulation of plastics around the country.

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IntegriCo accepts and processes plastics that many others cannot, including plastics with the numbers of three through seven as well as mixed rigid plastics.  While local governments and recycling processors across the United States search for new markets to send materials to since China stopped receiving plastics 3-7 and MRP plastics in 2018, IntegriCo poses a solution to the amount of recyclables currently being incinerated or sent to landfills.

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IntegriCo transforms landfill-bound plastics into dependable composite products including IntegriTies™ railroad ties and construction matting. The American-made manufacturer utilizes a low-temperature process that preserves the properties of plastic while releasing fewer fumes. IntegriCo’s patented equipment and specialized process create final products that last longer than alternatives, producing less waste over time.

Recycling in today’s society has become a crisis on a global scale.  IntegriCo’s products are American-made and present one solution to the current U.S. recycling situation as well as an option in the global journey to reduce waste.

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