Sound Familiar?

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Not too long ago, I blogged about the side effects that come as a result of recycling industry adjustments and reactions; such actions taken pertaining to the China Waste Ban could result in black market criminal dealings, unwanted wide-spread pollution, and endangerment of public health.  

That blog featured a news report from CNN that outlined the rise of criminal recycling enterprises in Malaysia. It was a solid piece of journalism. What I’m about to show you is a much more in-depth piece from 60 Minutes Australia 

As a former television news reporter, I can tell you this piece was more extensively produced as it is longer, contains an emotion evoking sound track, and even includes a segment showing a raid on an illegal recycling operation. 

It takes nearly 20 minutes to watch but it will give you a deeper perspective into the magnitude of the problems we’re fighting. It may also strengthen your commitment to solving those problems.  

While we’re dealing with the problems at hand regarding what to do with our recycling, we also need to be thinking about creating a new infrastructure that will allow us to stop exporting our plastic waste. We need to plan ahead.

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