But It Feels Good

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One of my favorite lunch spots started using wood-looking compostable forks, spoons, and knives. At first, we were given a choice of regular plasticware or the new “greener” utensils. A couple of weeks later, all the plastic was gone and only the non-plastic remained. Since I don’t bring my silverware from home with me to work, I was forced to endure the experience of eating with wooden forks.  

I also frequent a juice bar that’s close to my gym. A few weeks ago, it started using compostable cups that looked a lot like plastic cups. It was a much less traumatic experience than using the wood forks. 

These are prime examples of companies and businesses trying to do the right thing with efforts to minimize the impact of single-use plastics. Their customers feel good in knowing they, too are doing their part. 

The problem is that a lot of what is called, “compostable” cannot actually be composted. 

Watch this video from BuzzFeed while I walk in circles in my office mumbling to myself “Now what?”  




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