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The Ocean Legacy Foundation is a Canadian nonprofit organization that was founded in 2014. Its goal is to end plastic waste in oceans. The Foundation just announced that it is taking charge of the crisis with an epic program. Actually, the program is called “Education, Policy, Infrastructure and Cleanup.” EPIC. 

Basically it’s a management strategy to support ecologically sensitive areas that are in a plastic pollution crisis. 

In a press release, the nonprofit announced, “The Ocean Legacy Foundation works with communities that are in a plastic pollution crisis through an Emergency Management System (EMS) that incorporates mitigation, prevention, response, and recovery measures. The EMS takes a systematic approach towards hazard assessments and strategic planning to minimize the impact of risks to marine life, property and the environment. This system provides the foundation for coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain and improve the capability and capacity to mitigate, prepare and plan for, respond to and recover from threatened or actual plastic disasters.”  

Each letter of the anagram is a “pillar” of the EMS. 

Pillar 1: Education - The Education pillar provides essential knowledge and skill training opportunities for community members while providing solutions for a plastic-free environment.  

Pillar 2: Policy - The Policy pillar supports communities in advocating for best practice plastic management strategies to help reduce plastic waste and pollution in your community. 

Pillar 3: Infrastructure - The Infrastructure pillar develops recycling systems and technological solutions for your community to create a plastic circular economy. 

Pillar 4: Cleanups - The Cleanup pillar is action-based engagement that removes plastic pollution from the environment to create a cleaner and safer place for your community.  

Chloé Dubois, the co-founder and president of the Foundation, says her organization “Is committed to supporting global citizens and communities ready to engage in plastic management strategies and pragmatic action to achieve plastic free lands and oceans. We look forward to working with community members in need of plastic management solutions with this holistic approach to end plastic waste.” 

And if your community is struggling in dealing with plastic pollution, you can ask these guys for help. Just go to https://epic.oceanlegacy.ca and apply through the digital portal. 

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