IntegriCo’s Use of Hard-to-Recycle Plastic Reduces Landfills, Saves Natural Resources

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Sarepta, LA IntegriCo Composites advanced technology can process hard-to-recycle plastic that would otherwise be sent to a landfill or incinerator. Unlike its competitors, IntegriCo can recycle Mixed Residential Plastics (MRP) and numbers 3 through 7. These rigid plastics are often not able to be recycled due to a lack of market and instead end up in landfills around the country. IntegriCo is striving to reduce the number of plastics consuming landfills and help save the Earth’s natural resources through its composite materials made entirely from recycled plastic.

IntegriCo’s products include composite IntegriTies™ and construction matting. IntegriTies™ are composite railroad ties made from landfill-bound recyclable plastics. Due to the limited life spans of conventional wood railroad ties, there is a higher cost to replace them over time using the Earth’s natural resources. IntegriTies™ provide superior strength and durability while remaining 100% environmentally friendly.

Wooden railroad ties are often treated by Creosote, a preservative that extends the life of a wooden railroad tie but complicates the disposal process. Creosote includes cancerous carcinogens that are released into the air if burned, and the chemicals can also be absorbed into soil and water systems.  IntegriTies™ contains no chemicals or preservatives and has a calculated lifespan of 50 or more years.

Through utilizing hard-to-recover plastics as its feedstock, IntegriCo Composites is diverting these hard plastics from landfills and repurposing them to create railroad ties and construction matting that exceed industry standards. IntegriCo’s composite products are all completely recyclable themselves; eliminating the disposal challenge once they are no longer needed. Visit to learn more about the company’s process and the positive impact on the environment.

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