Swimming Upstream

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I’ve blogged at least twice about a device deployed by The Ocean Cleanup named “Wilson.” Wilson is a 2,000-foot-long unmanned structure that was sent floating into the Pacific Ocean with the mission of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The project has had its ups and downs as well as its critics.  

One specific criticism has been that The Ocean Cleanup wasn’t doing anything to stop plastic from entering oceans in the first place. The organization responded with a not-necessarily-new idea. Wired.com is reporting the deployment of a system that traps plastic upstream.  

“The group unveiled what it’s calling The Interceptor, a solar-powered barge with a long floating barrier that extends upstream, funneling debris into the vessel’s mouth, where a conveyor belt ferries the trash into onboard containers. Two are already in operation in Indonesia and Malaysia, with another preparing for operation in the Mekong in Vietnam and another planned for the Dominican Republic.”  


Take a few minutes to check out the CNET video below for more details. 

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