Metso Waste Recycling Enters Into Strong Alliance With Australian Partner

A partnership with Tutt Bryant Equipment—Australia’s leading supplier of construction equipment and cranes—means that Metso Waste Recycling take the front door to a new, rapidly-expanding market. Both parties have high expectations for the cooperation.

Agreement Signed

Strong partnerships with professional companies are crucial to Metso Waste Recycling’s ambitions for global growth. These partnerships will introduce the company’s shredder solutions to the waste industry throughout the world. As a result of the partnership with Tutt Bryant Equipment, the Australian market will now gain easy access to Metso Waste Recycling’s versatile mobile shredder program. It is a binding agreement that will prove beneficial to both parties.

“We are extremely pleased with the new partnership. Tutt Bryant Equipment can boast a dominant position in the Australian market, making them the perfect ally for Metso Waste Recycling when it comes to doing business with a continent that has huge potential. We look forward to providing Australia with our superior mobile shredder solutions.” – Lars Holm Laursen, General Sales Manager Asia Pacific, Metso Waste Recycling


Stock Machine Ready to Go

Tutt Bryant Equipment have just turned 80 years as a company and are a major supplier of a comprehensive range of machinery and quality equipment for highly diverse projects on the Australian continent, including private and public construction and infrastructure. Sales is conducted by the company’s branches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin, and by a number of independent dealers. In other words, a strong sales network is ready to market the new machines from Metso Waste Recycling.

“Tutt Bryant Equipment look forward to using their national footprint and existing client base to introduce M&J Shredders to a broader range of potential owners. The unit that we have sold has really impressed all that view it because of its high powered but smart shredding programs and intelligent design.” – Paul Doran, Business Development Manager, Tutt Bryant Equipment

Even before the contract was signed, Tutt Bryant Equipment had sold the first Metso Waste Recycling shredder—an M&J PreShred 4000 mobile on crawlers. And new sales are in the pipeline. 

To ensure fast delivery, Tutt Bryant Equipment will stock machines to ensure that the customer can start operations quickly. It will also stock the most important spare parts, so Tutt Bryant Equipment’s skilled service team can jump into action the moment it is called for.

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