CIRCULAR ECONOMY—The viability of using 100% recycled plastics

Good reasons for manufacturing HIGH-QUALITY RECYCLED PLASTIC GOODS | Opportunity to profit from CONSUMERS’ CONCERNS about waste | Why PET BOTTLES AND PET TRAYS should be recycled, not downcycled



The recycling industry is now proving it is technically possible and economically worthwhile to produce goods from 100% recycled plastic. New technologies are also challenging previous assumptions that recycled materials must necessarily be of inferior quality. This means there will be profitable commercial opportunities for manufacturers of plastic products and packaging to make greater use of recycled plastics.

TOMRA provided this valuable ebook to explain how international initiatives to establish a circular economy are improving the ways which we currently recover and restore products and components made of all materials, not only plastics.

Pressure from regulators and consumers will encourage investment and innovation in recycling, but more can be done right now to take advantage of technologies which already exist.

Download this ebook now to learn about recovering and regenerating products and materials at the end of their service life.